Harnessing the Power of the $11 Utensil, Spoons and Spatulas


In the ever-evolving landscape of kitchen utensils, finding that one versatile tool to revolutionize your cooking experience is akin to striking gold. Enter Earlywood’s Small Flat Sauté – a game-changer that has seamlessly woven its way into the hearts of avid home chefs. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the multifunctional prowess of this wooden utensil, exploring its design, usability, and the myriad tasks it effortlessly conquers.

The Art of Simplification

A Minimalist Marvel

The Small Flat Sauté stands as a testament to the philosophy that less is indeed more. With a minimalist design that defies conventional utensil norms, this wooden spatula transcends its simplistic appearance to become a culinary powerhouse. Unlike traditional spoons with handles and shallow bowls, the flat sauté boasts a singular, flat end for stirring and flipping, coupled with a rounded end for tasks like scraping the last bit of jam from the bottom of a jar.

Versatility Unleashed

The magic lies in its simplicity. The flat sauté morphs effortlessly into various roles – from the finesse required to flip delicate pancakes to the robustness needed for stirring hearty soups. The long, flat edges transform into fabulous bench scrapers when turned on their side, even serving as impeccable pizza dough portioners. Earlywood’s design ingenuity shines through, offering a utensil that seamlessly adapts to the diverse needs of any kitchen.

Ergonomic Elegance

A Symphony in Wood

Crafted with precision, the Small Flat Sauté is a symphony in wood, measuring a mere 0.2 inches in thickness. Though devoid of a traditional handle, its tapered ends endow it with a lightweight, ergonomic feel. At 9.5 by 1.6 inches, it snugly fits in smaller hands, making it ideal for stirring smaller portions. The natural feel in one’s hand is a testament to Earlywood’s commitment to marrying functionality with elegance.

The Art of Efficiency

Maximizing Versatility

For the culinary connoisseur seeking peak efficiency, our recommendation is to snag two of these spatulas. With one in each hand, sautéing becomes an art, and flipping burgers and pancakes an effortless chore. Beyond the realm of functionality, the Small Flat Sauté graces countertops with its aesthetic appeal, doubling as striking salad serving tongs during dinner parties.

Effortless Maintenance

Cleaning becomes a breeze with Earlywood’s design philosophy. The absence of intricate nooks or crannies eliminates the frustration of trapped food bits. The Small Flat Sauté emerges unscathed, ready for the next culinary adventure.


In a world inundated with kitchen gadgets, Earlywood’s Small Flat Sauté emerges as a beacon of simplicity, versatility, and elegance. Priced at just $11, it transcends its modest cost to become an indispensable culinary companion. Whether you seek to streamline your cooking routine or bid farewell to a sink full of dishes, this wooden wonder promises to elevate your kitchen game. Don’t just walk; run to embrace the culinary revolution with Earlywood’s Small Flat Sauté. Your kitchen deserves it.

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